Amália das Oliveiras A.K.A Republica Portuguesa (APH OC)

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Amália das Oliveiras A.K.A Republica Portuguesa (APH OC)

Post  DSerpente on Sun May 30, 2010 7:48 pm

Human Name: Amália Cristina das Oliveiras
Nation: Portugal (Republica Portuguesa)
Sex: female (but there is my Masc!Port was well)
Age: 27
Birthday: 5 of October of 1143
Brothers: Spain
Ancients: mamã Iberia, papa Celt, Galaicos, Kinetics, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Grandpha Rome (Roman Empire), Moors.
Kids: Agadir (city in Morrocco), Ambon Island (part of the Maluku Islands), Annobón Province, Arguin, Asilah (Town in Morrocco), Azemmour (town in Morrocco, the town is located southwest of Casablanca), Bandar-Abbas (port city located on the coast of Iran), Barbados (while it is better known as an ex-British colony, Barbados was originally colonized by the Portugese), Bioko (small island located off the coast of equilateral Guienea), Chittagong (city in Bangladesh), Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay), Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Dibba Al-Hisn, El Jadida (another city in Morroco), Essaouira (what is it with Portugal and Morrocco), Ilha Verde, Itamaracá, Jaffna kingdom, Kannur, Hugli-Chuchura, Daman and Diu, Moluccas, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Hormuz, Nagaski, Thatta, Malacca, Khor Fakkan, Kilwa Kisiwani, Kionga Triangle, Kochi, India, Kodungallur, Kollam, Mumbai, Ksar-el-Kebir, Lakshadweep, Lapa, Dom João e Montanha, Machilipatnam, Madha, Makassar, Maldives, Malindi, Manama, Bahrain, Mangalore, Mascarene Islands, Mombasa, Muscat, Oman, Mylapore, Nagapatnam, a good part of India, Ormus, Ouadane, Pulicat, Qatif, Qeshm, Salsette Island, Safi, Morocco, Souira Guedima, Tangier, Tarut Island, Ternate, Thoothukudi, Ziguinchor, Ilhas Formosas (Taiwan), Accra (the capital of Ghana, Ghana was originally a Portugese colony but it later went through a tumultus history of being a colony of Sweden, Denmark, Prussia, the Neatherlands before it finally became a British colony)
Relations: she's married w/ England since 1373; she doesnt guet allong w/ Spain; she is France's maid (um... yeah... o_o ) ; she have a work-relation w/ Malta... and im lazy 4 put Dx there are TOO many!
Personality: kind, sweethear, calm....
Likes: playing guitar, sing, eating codfish... wine
Deslikes: Spain
Hobbies: swimming, cooking, fishing

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