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Hyuuga Kina

Post  KiNata95 on Sat May 29, 2010 6:50 pm

[b]Name[/b]: Kina
[b]Last name/Nachname[/b]: Hyuuga
[b]Age/Alter[/b]: 16
[b]Gender/Geschlecht[/b]: Female
[b]Rang[/b]: Chuunin
[b]Height/Größe[/b]: 166, 8 cm
[b]Weight/Gewicht[/b]:49, 6 kg
[b]Blood group/Blutgruppe[/b]: O
[b]Place of Birth/Geburtsort[/b]: Village Hidden in the Leaves
[b]Current place/ Wohn - bzw.Aufenthaltsort[/b]: Village Hidden in The Leaves

Hyuuga Hizashi
Kina was brought to one of the Hyuuga-Clan-leader-siblings that supposed to be Hyuuga Hizashi, because her real father died a few days after her birth. But not knowing this fact, she sees him as her only awesome father.
He always worries too much about her and doesn't let her train too hard, because in his oppinion she's very weak.
When he died, everything just HAD TO change....

Hyuuga Neji
He's Kina's stepbrother who is the same age as she is. They treat themselves like real siblings and she's the only one who knows about Neji's thoughts and feelings while he doesn't know hers. Their bond is even stonger than other real siblings. Both would risk their life for the other.

Hyuuga Ryuuma
Knowing that he was getting a daughter soon, he rushed home from his mission to see his girlfriend. But before arriving at Konoha's gate, he was attacked.
He didn't pay attention, that's why he couldn't really defend himself. A strong ninja like him wouldn't of course lose against some weak criminals who had no hobbies.
No, he fought Uchiha Madara who supposed to be dead, himself and some other shinobi he didn't know.
he also didn't know why they didn't kill him.
Suddenly they disappeared without questioning him or steal anything. So Ryuuma was found by Konoha Anbu who brought him home. But his girlfriend wasn't there...
When he found out that she (had to run) ran away, he now gave up.
He died knowing he couldn't survive. Somehow the konoha-medics couldn't heal him completely. It seemed like Madara had poisoned him.
So he let his daughter being brought to his cousin Hyuuga Hizashi who the called her Kina.

Akari Suzume

She gave birth to Kina and then suddenly lost control over herself.
Not wanting to hurt her daughter, she ran outside but the she killed a konoha-villager. Thanks to the Hokage's mercy who let her alive, she could escape.
Her demon Kouru wasn't seen after this event but still she couldn't go back to Konoha.
Now living in Suna-Gakure, she'll meet her daughter soon......

Her strength should be laying in her interest for medecin and chakracontrol. Also she's proud of being a Hyuuga and often shows it. She's perfectly using Ninjutsu and Taijutsu and she's good at staying calm and think while others are screaming and fighting.

Her weakness is probably her no-existing sense for Genjutsu. Well, she knows what shinobi have to know about this theme from ninja-academy, but more or less she can't even release a Gen-Jutsu. Also she isn't good at using other weapons than Kunai and Shuriken. Sometimes she's just too careful and misses the beginning of a fight because she reacts too late.
There's also the usual weak point of the Byakugan itself: the blind spot at the back of the neck above the third thoracic vertebra....

Hip Pouch
-2 scrolls which contain 50 Kunai and 50 Shuriken each
-1 scroll that contains 3 wind shuriken
-1 scroll that contains first-aid-kit
-5 Paperbombs
-2 Smokebombs
-50 metres of metal wire
-2 Chakra Seal tags
-8 Blood Increasing Pill
-HyuugaClan Secret Ointment

Shuriken Holster
-2 Kunai
-4 Shuriken
-2 flash tags

Element[/b]: Suiton/Fuuton


While the Hyuuga are only able to use Taijutsu, Akari Suzume was a master in using every kind of ninjutsu. So Kina now is able to use Byakugan, Juuken and Suiton/Fuiton-Jutsus.
A part of Kouru left Akari Suzume's body and is now sealed in Kina. That's why she has an enormous amount of chakra.
After seeing Suzume in Suna-gakure, Kina gets the whole demon and turns into Kouru when needed.


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Re: Hyuuga Kina

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